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Pinoy FlipTop Battle
FlipTop: The First Filipino Rap Battle League, popularly called FlipTop or FlipTop Battles, is the Philippines' premier rap battle contest joined by underground and amateur rappers. FlipTop is sometimes described as a modern day Balagtasan, where two rappers are pitted against each other in a battle of a capella rap. In most competition formats, FlipTop has 3 rounds per battle and the winner is determined by a panel of judges.

Founded on 6 February 2010 by Anygma (Aric Yuson), FlipTop gained prominence through video-sharing site YouTube. As of November 2011, all videos uploaded on its official YouTube account "fliptopbattles" gained 107 million views and is the third most viewed and sixth most subscribed channel in the Philippines.

[Image: anygma-3.jpg]
Anygma The  Founder of Fliptop
Though it has an English-language conference, the FlipTop Battles are popular for its use of Filipino in its lyrics. Though delivered in freestyle, lyrics are loosely structured and rhytmic.
FlipTop lyrics are commonly spiced with Filipino vulgar and cuss words since, like most rap battles in other countries, the common aim between competing FlipTop rappers is to debunk each other's notions through insults and expletives. As such, according to a blog entry on, the FlipTop space “is not immune from homophobic, sexist, or racial punchlines.” Still, there was a FlipTop promotional battle between Target and K-Jah on 21 July 2011 which did not appear to be a battle but a critique on the prevalent lyricism in FlipTop battles.
Among the prominent FlipTop rappers is Loonie (Marlon Peroramas), who has released his debut album The Ones Who Never Made It. The FlipTop style of rapping was also incorporated in the musical William by the Philippine Educational Theater Association.
Fliptop Battle offers the largest source of Fliptop videos available online. Fliptop is a Rap Battle League based in the Philippines. Watch the Fliptop Battle League here featuring Bassilyo and many more. Fliptop; also known as Fliptop Battle and Fliptop Battle League, endeavors to bring you entertaining, smooth and cleverly insulting lyrics from a range of rap artists in a multilingual league. Fliptop is increasingly popular and has become one of the most popular regular music events in the Philippines. Fliptop offers you the perfect beat to chill out and listen to some quality bars.

[Image: Loonie-Fliptop.png]

[Image: fliptop-batas-vs-rudic-isabuhay-640x360.jpg]
  [Image: Spade+vs+Malupet.jpg][Image: Badang+vs+Zaito.jpg][Image: BLKD+vs+Apekz.jpg]

[Image: fliptop-m-zhayt-vs-damsa-old-sch-1024x576.jpg]

The phenomenon of FlipTop has actually grown as the variety of Web users in the Philippines has. It is popular in every part of the nation that the Web can reach, and where there is a culture of “collectivism” such as inside a computer system store.

In freestyle rap, tossing the insult back at your challenger is called a “flip”.
The group FlipTop held the first Filipino Rap Battle League in the nation on February 6, 2010 at Quantum Café in Makati where rap artists (likewise called MCs) Fuego, Datu, and Cameltoe fought onstage.
FlipTop is an occasions and artist handling company led by Alaric Riam Yuson, even more famously called Anygma.
When the Tectonics fight rap was held at Katips Bar and Grillery in Quezon City in December 2010, Anygma provided honor to our country. Sleazebag Dan led the MCs from Grind Time Now, a US-based group that set the worldwide requirements of rap fight.
All the 3 fights that day were won by Filipino MCs. And on that day, FlipTop got around the world acknowledgment.
At present, FlipTop has flourishing departments in the NCR, CALABARZON, Central Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao, where fliptop battle occasions are held a minimum of as soon as a year.
FlipTop has actually acquired traction not simply in social networking websites like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. Independent inter-barangay and inter-collegiate competitions– amongst students and from school youth– have actually emerged. FlipTop has even end up being a topic in courses on pop culture and a subject of theses.
The event of Linggo ng Wika has actually never ever been the exact same, after universities and secondary schools in various parts of the nation consisted of FlipTop in their lineup of competitors associated with the event of our native language.
Some academics have actually called Fliptop the modern-day Balagtasan– to the discouragement of some fight rap artists.

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